History of the Land

On the westerly side of a drumlin known as Gibbet Hill, existed an 80-acre parcel of land known as Half Moon Meadow. 


Jonas Prescott purchased a parcel of meadows from Jonathan Lawrence for 1 pound 10 shillings.  


Joseph Hall farmed the property.


Major General William A. Bancroft bought   from Sarah A. Boutwell 34 acres, including the entrance across from  Town Hall and the land of John Moyle,  13 acres on Martins Pond Road. He  bought 9.72 acres from Everett Gerrish and 5.3 acres from Emma Shumway,  who lived next door to the Boutwell house.


The property was deeded to Dennis Connolly


The property was then deeded to Joseph Connolly


Gibbet Hill Farm property operated  as a dairy farm and was sold to Barbara Danielson, and then to her  daughter Marion Danielson Strachan. 


Gibbet Hill Farm was sold to Steven and Nancy Webber. 


An 80-acre parcel, known as Half Moon Meadow, was sold to Daniel McElroy, proprietor of Groton Center Farms.